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'Pink Christmas'
'in the dark'
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Simean. Music producer first, singer second, hailing from cold Stockholm, Sweden. Often leaning in on the foundations of hip-hop to set the stage for a deeply reverberated alt-pop sound. Grounded in a dark and somber soundscape mirroring the harsh Swedish climate, but every so often unveiling dreams of warmer climes and a touch of modest optimism.

With a youth filled with a multitude of genres, 12 years of experience in trying different sounds and a bachelor’s degree in music production, Simean always strives to challenge and experiment with the perception of popular music.

Inspired by acts like Future and Cocteau Twins to utilize the voice not necessarily as a vessel of lyrics, but more so like an instrument, making up an integral part of the production. Sometimes resampled with heavy effects, sometimes raw and lyrical. The beats are digitally crafted channeling grooves from the spirits of R&B past; employing versatile styles influenced by household deity Prince and taking the dark OVO sound as engineered by Noah “40” Shebib and PARTYNEXTDOOR to heart, with pounding 808’s and blunt hi-hats raining down over diverse worlds of sound.

Doubling as executive producer and recording engineer of loosely stringed four-piece Night District together with partner-in-crime Harlem Davis, Simean is no stranger to music collaborations. However, this time he plans to take on the world alone.

Simean is set to release two singles and his debut album ‘Sad Tarzan’ during the fall of 2020.

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